About Us

Pak Petrochem is an international chemical marketing group headquartered in Pakistan. Having smart partnerships with affiliates in Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand, Pak Petrochem is devoted to the distribution of top-quality petrochemical products. It combines the knowledge gained through a diversified range of products with the potential of its unique marketing capability to generate desired results for our customers and partners.

Our purpose is to create long-term value through our portfolio of high quality commodities and services. We consistently continue to drive a high performance organization where the trust of employees, customers and suppliers is important and earned by being forthright in our communications. We consistently seek to achieve delivering on our commitments with integrity.

We work in close partnership with chemical manufacturers in various regions to meet the specific requirements of our customers worldwide. We seek to establish cooperation with counterparts that are both producers and industrial consumers. We provide high performance, integrity and successful results to our customers around the world, in industries such as automotive, paints and petrochemicals.